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Green Building Design and Certification


Bio-Climatic Design Analysis

For projects that wish to minimize their impact on the environment, reduce their operating costs significantly and design in sync with natural climatic conditions, we provide a quantitative analysis of the architectural elements with the help of following software based simulations:

  1. Heat Gain analysis

  2. Shadow analysis

  3. Dynamic UHIE analysis

  4. Fenestration and Shading Device Design

  5. Sun Exposure Analysis

  6. Surface Temperature Analysis

Green Building Certifications

All building typologies at any stage of development and/or operations can achieve Green Building Ratings. Whether it is a new construction, an existing building, campus, SEZ or interior fit-outs, with the help of our nationally and internationally accredited professionals, you can add shimmering feathers to the crown of your project with following acclaimed GREEN BUILDING CERTIFICATIONS:

  1. IGBC

  2. GRIHA


  4. LEED

  5. WELL

  6. EDGE




Apart from the above mentioned rating systems, you can contact us for all other ratings of GBCI such as ​ARC, SITES, PEER, TRUE & ICP. 


Energy Modelling and Simulations

Energy Simulations can help you enhance the efficiency of your building envelope, glazing, internal and external lighting and HVAC design. Through our energy simulations, you can optimize the estimated energy consumption of your building, accurately size your HVAC plant and rooftop Solar PV system. 
We use Design Builder software for energy simulations which is the most advanced and most accurate tool to provide results with precision.
Energy Simulations can be done for design optimization and/or for compliance with relevant codes such as ECBC and ASHRAE Standard 90.1.

Lighting Simulations

Natural Lighting Analysis: Daylight Simulations can help you achieve optimum levels of natural light inside a regularly occupied zone. We can provide both illumination analysis and Annual Spatial Daylight Autonomy studies. 
Artificial Lighting Simulations: With the help of DIALux models, you can optimize the artificial lighting design of your project by guaranteeing the target illumination levels and uniformity as per local codes.

Green Building Design and Certification: Services
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